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Here, everything revolves around children, pupils,

teachers, educators, learning and innovative teaching



Foundation for innovative consciousness-raising and spirituality

for children and youths and their teachers, pedagogues, educators,

students of pedagogical professions, socio-educational instructors and parents


FiBS has given itself the mission to build a bridge between those who are responsible for education and upbringing and those who get educated.

FiBS demonstrates new ways of how young people can grow into balanced, socially repsonsible, life affirming, regardful, pacific, loving and content human beings.

FiBS encourages a constructive and harmonious way of cooperation between teachers, pedagogues, educators, parents and pupils.


It is something very valuable and the most beautiful task to respect children and youths in their own personality, to treat them with dignity and to accompany them on their life’s journey in a loving and helping manner. 

Children are creating our future and they are our hope for a peaceful world.




In the child lies the origin of a creative life,

that needs to be discovered

the way a flower is opend, gently, with compassion,

without violence.

The tender heart of a child requires

a very delicate hand.