FiBS-Pedagogy sets important accents for the educational infrastructure.

It includes a professional education system and supports a holistic development of all human aspects – physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, artistically and spiritually.

FiBS has developed a concept of progressive teaching which is able to meet the requirements of the present age that children and adolescents are confronted with. It involves the higher values of life, namely an ethical way of living, the nobleness of the heart and a spiritual consciousness. The essence and the heart of education lies in an intercultural and interreligious schooling.

With FiBS-Pedagogy the message of love for a peaceful coexistence, as it is the foundation of spirituality, can be promoted. The interest in spirituality increases steadily. People are fascinated by the wisdom of spiritual traditions and start to get rooted in the spiritual more and more, and learn how to treat and love all humans as spiritual beings.

Spirituality is a science through which the higher consciousness is unfolded in the human frame so that the work of the divine can be understood.


Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.

We have guided missiles and misguided men.

Martin Luther King


The inner energy is like a high-pressure vessel full of water,

ready to get tapped. If we bore a hole, the divine water will spud.

Then the barren desert of our life will become a blossoming oasis and our wartorn world turns into a true heaven on earth.

Dr. Robert Muller, past UN Secretary-General


We are living in a time of great changes and processes of transformation that the whole humankind is going through, also the school system. The current educational system reveals more and more its limitations in dealing with today’s enormous challenges. Our fast moving, global interconnected and technologically advanced world requires a highly developed ethical education, a high sense of responsibility and social competency in conjunction with emotional competence to face the difficulties of life. We are living in times of precariousness, anxiety and constant change. Knowledge dublicates about every two to three years.



New values

Kids and youths are seeking for meaning and orientation in their life. In a world which is transforming and changing much faster than ever before, teachers, educators and parents are often over challenged with the task of providing a system of values which is able to give security and orientation that is based on sincerity, non-violence, appreciation, community spirit and love.

Usually children are deprived of the most important part of their childhood, namely the opportunity to perceive themselves as beings in the world and the world around through their own senses. Most of the information are conveyed by television, PC, internet, cellphone or smartphone – all of them are technical stimuli. Children and youths need a counterbalance to the rapidly increasing overstimulation. The outside stream of information cannot be digested adequately anymore, because there is no interaction possible but only the observation of the outer happenings. This consequently provokes a feeling of helplessness, subjection, impatience and boredom. It lacks the development of the children‘s own potentials.


To reveal all the capabilities of a child, it is necessary to teach social competence, emotional competence and spirituality.

We need to respect children and youths in their personality, treat them regardful and accompany them on their path lovingly and helpfully and we need to consult their individual needs consequently.

The children’s process of growing and development needs to be the first priority and therefore be supported and assisted. Similar to a farmer who lays the ground for the seed to sproud and grow, who makes sure that the plant is well provided with water and nutrients and that it is protected against any dangers. But the farmer will not decide how and when the plant is developing roots, a stem, leaves, blooms and which sort of fruits it will yield. Likewise children bring their own development program. Children are supposed to discover their human faculties by themselves and contribute it to the community. Then they are able to experience the wonder of life,  its diversity and dynamics.



Pedagogical model

FiBS-Pedagogy offers a high-quality advanced training for teachers on a base of ethical values, with a view to achieve greater respect, awareness, appreciation and a heart-to-heart-communication between teachers and pupils and between the staff of teachers. Hence the teaching quality improves fundamentally, the learning efficiency increases and the social behaviour at school gets more harmonious. This evokes a stress-free teaching situation for both teachers and pupils. The pupils are able to concentrate much better and the conflict potential get reduced.


Teachers untertake great responsibility and it‘s their task to adduce the children to make decisions, to teach them about right and wrong, true and untrue, good and bad. ‚Right‘ implies everything that makes us better human beings and that helps us to contribute in transforming this world into a place of peace and harmony.


If we want to attain a more peaceful world for our children we are compelled to be good role models and to stop criticizing and being prejudiced to certain people, cultures, skin colours or nationalities. Rather should we explain to them that diversity is a part of the beauty of creation, similarly flowers differ in appearance of their size and colour. We should rather accept and respect the diversity of humans and appreciate it. Life is a present, it is a divine wonder.


Children need time to be in silence and to meditate in order to discover their spiritual wealth which is embedded in each of them. Thereby arises a consciousness which makes us understand that all humans have their origin in the same divine light. This helps us in developing love for everyone.

Through daily meditative practices at school, a peaceful enviroment for teachers and pupils can be created that would be perceptible immediately.




We need a generation of peacemakers who are filled with love and respect for evereyone and who are ready to make a valuable contribute to society. This will enhance their self-esteem, their confidence and their self-awareness.

For children to grow into responsible world citizens an education is needed that would relate to both heart and soul, and that would impart faith in the divine. In this way they could realise that those things they are doing are not only important for themselves but also for others, for the school, for the family and for the environment.

FiBS-Pedagogy is supposed to set a good example as a luminous star, visible for everybody, to change the consciousness of each individual.




What kind of world do we want to bequeath to our children and youths – a world of war, of violence and of hatred? Or rather a world of peace and love? We all are creating this world. We are the role models. We should stop standing only on the sidelines while this world is on fire and breaking into pieces. We should make an effort to be good role models and put all our strength and love to serve as God‘s instrument.


Question to Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2006

by Leoni, a 14 years old girl: „In your opinion what are the most important things to learn for today‘s kids to be well prepared for life?“

Answer: „There is one thing I would find most important for all kids. It is nothing to learn but to think of. Think about what you wish for! What kind of world do you want to build? You should know and all kids should have this in mind: we are not only guests in this world, we are also creating our world. If we create the world how should the result look like? How would I like to contribute to it? First of all I can imagine it in my head, then I can write it down, first point and second, and then I can pin it on the wall; and then, that is crucial, then I will start to work for it. And then it will happen.“


„For me in the children lies such a great wisdom and such a great knowledge, something that touches me deeply time and again. If we would be able to preserve their integrity as long as possible and to beliefe in this integrity, then the children will grow confidentily into their own abilities. Parents and teachers can support them by being aware of their role model function and by realising that function day by day.

We need to keep the childrens curiosity and interest alive. They are studious and spirited in all respects.

Then we will have happy children.”

 Sieglinde Mühlberger


It is a loving and peaceful togetherness,

which makes children’s eyes sparkling.