Advanced training for teachers

becoming a certified instructor for “FiBS-teacher education”


professional, holistic, practice-oriented

for teachers, pedagogues, educators


This in-service training targets a way of education and of learning according to the principles of FiBS-Pedagogy, so that the children are able to evolve into responsible, exemplary personalities.


Benefits of the FiBS-training

The emphasis and the foundation of this innovative training constitute the following aspects which are particularly important in view of today‘s fast pace: consciousness-raising and personal development, a loving, regardful and respectful social interaction, the impartation of ethical-spiritual values, the enabling of an heart-to-heart-communication, exercises of calmness and meditation.

Those contents are based on longstanding practical experiences with kids and youths and they can be put into practice very easily and imparted authentically to the children.

Thus a fundamental enhancement of learning efficiency, of self-esteem and of social behaviour, as well as an autonomous way of learning and acting can be reached. By implementing FiBS-Pedagogy the stress level gets reduced perceptibly and the atmosphere at school, at kindergarten and at home gets more peaceful, more harmonious and filled with joy. The pupil’s concentration and attention improves, and regardfulness, respect and appreciation for others is perceptible in day-to-day life.

After completing the FiBS-training course pedagogues, teachers and educators gave a lot of positive feedback and confirmed the overall benifit.


FiBS-training course includes

six days of seminary and two days training.



Contents of the six modules:



Modul 1:

FiBS-philosophy, awareness-raising and spirituality, strengthening and improving of the sense of self-worth and confidence. Harmony of body, mind and soul through exercises of concentration, calmness and meditation.


Modul 2:

Ethical-spiritual education, respect, awareness, non-violence, truthfulness, gratitude, contentment, love for all beings, selfless service, health-conscious diet, power of thoughts.


Modul 3

Modul 3:

Realizing an anxiety-free and stress-free education through coping strategies for fear and aggression, stress reduction, heart-to-heart-communication, non-violent ways of conflict resolution, peace building.



Modul 4

Modul 4:

Brain oriented learning whilst taking into account the different learning styles – visually, auditory, tactually, kinesthetically and also concerning the preferred brain hemisphere.


Modul 5

Modul 5:

Working with emotions, self-acceptance, emotional competence according to the model of transaction analysis – supported by a set of FiBS-emotion-cards.


Modul 6

Modul 6:

Analysis of addiction, addiction preventation and means of healing the children’s hearts.

Revision and deepening of the modul contents.


Every participant will get one coursebook per modul with about 60 pages to support the training and as a reference book – with many practical examples. After attendance of all six FiBS-moduls, the two training days, the submission of a final report and after an examination board’s review, the participants will receive a certificate instructor for FiBS-teacher education.

Up to now the FiBS-training-program took place with altogether 446 teachers, pedagogues, religion teachers and educators in Austria, Germany, Swiss and Hungary.

85 of the participants received a certificate instructor for “FiBS-teacher education” after submitting a final paper.


Everything a child or an adult does is an expression of their present state of consciousness. If we want our children to grow into exemplary personalities, first of all it’s us who need to become exemplary teachers and parents. Those impressions that we are passing on will have a great influence on the children.