The concept of innovative FiBS-Pedagogy is a perfect combination of knowledge transfer, ethics and spirituality.

The behaviour at school and the pupil‘s learning results improve fundamentally through FiBS-Pedagogy:

     learning competence

     Social competence

     Emotional competence



     Conflict prevention and conflict resolution  

     Cooperation between teachers-pupils-parents


A positive development is confirmed by the longstanding experiences and by the feedback related to the seminars and the advanced training for teachers.


How certified instructor for FiBS-teacher education

from Austria and Germany describe their experiences


Excerpts from the final reports:


B.J. – diploma of education. Headteacher of a private secondary modern school


... During the seminars I realised the great importance of FiBS-Pedagogy contents for our youths.

... For me it always has been important to interact with youths in an holistic manner. Especially the 10 to 14 years old children need our sympathy with all due consequence. The seminars weren’t only about ‚subject material’ to extend the pupil’s knowledge but about becoming aware of feasible skills, comprehension of a creative heartiness among ourselves, in relation to our pupils and parents. Particularly powerful has been the importance of realising and implementing values.

... the exercises of silence mean a lot to me personally. „Silence – a building stone of the culture of beginning.” In the beginning of the school day several exercises of silence are possible – a prayer, an imagery program with meditative music, a spiritual story or meditation. We as teachers should follow those instructions more often and more consciously.

... To those youths that are entrusted to our care we should offer more possibilities to experience themselves and to come in contact with their own inner values.

... FiBS-Pedagogy is a great personal gain for me. I became aware of a lot of thinks during the three weekend seminars. My sympathy for colleagues, pupils and parents developed further. It’s a great joy to work this way.

... I will motivate everyone at my school to implement the FiBS-Pedagogy, even though everyday school life seems to let very little space for this concern!

The education of values should be the first priority in the future.


F.E. – college of agriculture


... In my nearly 30 years of work I have always been trying to improve myself to meet the requirements of my profession as a teacher. For that reason I participated in the training. One of the most important insights I made at the seminars is the realisation that all of us need the „power of the soul“ to live and to act. It is our inner source of strength.

... Exercises of silence and meditation are nurturing the soul and evoke self-regulating forces by which calmness and self-confidence can be reached. I teach „personal development” as a school subject and now I start every lesson with a meditation.

... I also have been very interested in the topic of „the power of thoughts”. I became aware of the great influence of our thoughts because they’re creating vibrations that we’re sending out to ourselves or to others.

... I would particularly like to thank Mrs. Mühlberger because she managed to impart the seminars’ contents in a true-to-life manner with a lot of examples.


H. M. – religion teacher, educator at a residential school


... In my lessons and in college service I sometimes did offer meditation exercises by which kids and youths could experience themselves as body, mind and soul. The idea to start the lesson with a meditation could help especially the ‚difficult children’ to accept their sunny and shady sides. It is a source of strength to deal with all kinds of difficulites.

... The sentence „thoughts are ruling the world” helps me to live more consciously step by step.

... FiBS-Pedagogy helps to face the difficulties of our age efficiently and it supports us in finding the goal and meaning of our life.


H. – teacher at a professional school


... „The body is the translator of the soul into visibility” by Christian Morgenstern.

This quote helps me to understand pupils much better through more open ears, a clearer view and a greater sensibility for their behaviour.

... Daily meditation is the most important gift I received at the training. I became calmer and behave much better in stress situations. The atmophere at school enhanced a lot.

... Dear Mrs. Mühlberger, you have a very loving presence and you impart FiBS- Pedagogy very convincingly.


M. – teacher at a professional school for boys


... I’m concernd with the effects of meditation for quite a long time. For me it means to tap into the inexhaustible source of energy. The world is unbalanced because spirituality is lacking. Every human being is seeking for meaning and orientation in life; for values that are based on an ethical consciousness. Unfortunately those subjects are addressed only very superficially at school. But for children it is very important to gain a spiritual foundation in order to experience the power inside on their own.

... The more we have positive and clear thoughts the more successful and comfortable our life will be. At school I often experience the childrens’ unawareness of the power of their thoughts and their own abilities.

... „Those persons who let anxiety, worries and difficulties wear them down can very easily be affected, manipulated or exploited.” I totally agree with this sentence. Daily we can see in the media how people are governed by fear and they even support it. Negative news are creating unconscious fear and aggression. But especially those news are attracting the people’s attention.

... I consider FiBS-Pedagogy training as a crucial part of personal development that should be obligatory for every teacher and educator. Only by expansion of consciousness we will be able to live in peace on our earth and to realise the meaning of life.

... I take the development of awareness and spirituality as a very positive thing. It is something that helps the whole humanity and therefore it will be successful and I will contribute to it in my sphere of activity.


S. E. – teacher at a professional school


... Exercises of silence and morning meditation have a positive effect on children and youths. Pupils were more relaxed, more easy and more balanced. I could note an enhanced attention and concentration. The pupils were enthusiastic about it and were asking for it especially before having an exam. They told me how their exam anxiety and tensions did disappear through those exercises.

... FiBS-Pedagogy confirmed my belief that body, mind and soul need to be in harmony. „Humans do not live on bread only”, we all need appreciation, comfort, warmth, love and trust in God.

... Ethical values are the foundation of a positive, content and joyful life. „As you sow, so you shall reap.”

... Two remarks have affected me very deeply: „Everything we encounter is positive” and „the light pervades the darkness”.

...  The school needs to become a place of living and learning, it needs to be transformed into an attractive living space that presents a world of experience, a world that addresses all senses and that encourages and arouses curiosity and the thirst for knowledge. Everybody should be willing to accept the responsibility for themselves, for others, for their profession, for their environment. In the future teachers should not only give lessons but also give heart to the pupils.


U. M. – teacher at a professional school


... I noticed that a lot of people are walled at the level of the heart und their emotions; by walls of envy, ignorance, stress, hurry and rush, not time left for conversations and communication, on the hunt for one event after another, etc.

... A very important experience for me has been to empty out the „Life-Backpack” from it’s trash; with a more light and positively filled backpack life goes so much easier and cheerfully.

... I’m very glad that I participated in the seminary of FiBS-Pedagogy, that is to say, the oneness of simplicity, clarity, warmth of heart and emotions, contentment and trust in God. I consider this training as a „filling station” to recharge my batteries again and again.


  1. B. – diploma of pedagogy, diploma of social education, pedagogical praxis of linguistic and educational program


... The most impressing personal gain for me was the strengthening of the children’s ethical, moral and spiritual foundational potentials through love and intense caring. Particularly meditation as a relaxation technique was very helpful for my work because it can be practiced directly without longstanding preparation as it is the case with autogenic training.

... I wish FiBS-Pedagogy to be a part of all kinds of school for the benefit of our children’s spiritual, mental and physical development.


G. M. – teacher of agronomy, pedagogue


... One of my most important insights: „All human beings are one and the same!” When it rains, drops will fall on every person in the same way, regardless of whether the person is a simple shoe salesman or a rich manager. Similarly at school everybody is equally important, the cleaning staff as well as the headmaster. „Every human – and everything that exists will teach you about who you really are.”


S. – social pedagogue


... FiBS-Pedagogy has enriched my life through conrete suggestions for everyday life and for my working life. I personally was very impressed by Mrs. Mühlbergers authenticity and enjoyment of life, how she is living by the statement „love your neighbour as yourself” and the way she brings this sentence alive in the seminars.

... I could implement the exercises of silence and meditation in various fields with the children and I had positive experiences with it throughout, even with very lively kids.


A.R. – teacher of a professional school


... I’m very glad that I participated in the training and it would be particularly important to start this training already with teachers of primary schools, to educate them this way and motivate them.

... I think sometimes the self esteem of a teacher can be groggy, so that frustration emerges and a motivational push is needed. The training definitly did this and I’m very thankful.


B.L. R. – social pedagogue, montessori educator, head of a day care center, social and life mentor


... To experience the intense feeling to be on the „right path” was one of the most important insights within the context of the FiBS-Pedagogy for me. Being carefully, mindfully and lovingly present at work with joy, energy and attentive senses. Children are the best teachers for me while I’m with them, in the ‚here and now‘. My main concern is to strengthen the children’s sense of self-worth.

Even Mahatma Gandhi says: „True education consists in drawing the best out of us.”

... For me the seminars could give a profound summary of a holistic view of life that demands everyone to help form the world positively, by one’s personality and humanity.


Ch. F. – teacher of maths and French


... I am French and I’m working at a pedagogical office for linguistic and learning therapy. I needed quite a time to let the impressions of FiBS-Pedagogy contents have their effects on me. For me they have been very deep and intense.


G. B. – social pedagogue at a big day care center


... As a further education FiBS-Pedagogy took an important role for me and I really appreciate the opportunity to participate.

... The seminar has been an enormous personal and valuable experience for me. In fact I would name it self-experience-seminar with a connection to God. I’m on my way to realise my abilies and I’m using them wisely in the present NOW. For this purpose I dope myself with the best of all „drugs” – a loving laughter – and I encourage others as well to make use of it.


I. – social pedagogue


... To fosus on the essentials makes me content and the insights from the seminars faciliates the daily social interactions, especially at work with children, youths and adults. „Everyone has certain abilities”, with this insight I do my work with confidence and fun.


L. W. – teacher for personal development at a professional school


... Exercises of silence are a fundamental part of my lessons. I consider meditation a truly important approach for personal development. In my teaching I put emphasis on the impartation of ethical values which are taught across disciplines and subjects.


M. – religion teacher and educator at a professional school


... In recent years I note that adolescents are barely able to deal with themselves. They hardly pay any attention to spirit and soul. Because of all the impressions of our society they are totally distracted by their own ego and therefore they become fearful and aggressive as soon as difficulties appear.

... We meditate 2 to 3 times a week, especially before exams and tests so that the pupils are able to concentrate better and behave less aggressive.


R. M. – teacher and educator at a professional school


... Since establishing a short exercise of silence or meditation at the beginning the pupils are able to concentrate easier and they attend school more actively.

... By considering the learning type of each pupil they could created their own „learning program”, that’s very helpful for many of them.


N. C. – teacher of a secondary modern school


... The FiBS-Pedagogy was very benificial for me, personally as well as professionally. Now I realise a lot of mistakes I made before concerning the childrens’ education, that’s a bitter experience. But Mrs. Mühlberger’s words: „Back then you did’n know better” has been very comforting.

... I want to thank God for the impartation of the FiBS-Pedagogy contents. They are like a guideline or a recipe for life.

... I only have one wish, dear God, give me time to realise all the insights I gained.


A. – teacher for secondary modern school


... From the first day of seminary I knew: „That’s it!”. At last a seminar with many practical examples to apply at school, not just theory. Since then I’m willing to begin the school lesson with exercises of silence and meditation which created a more loving and positive way of interpersonal dealings.

... If I encounter my pupils respectfully, they will treat me with respect as well.

... Our school system doesn’t pay any attention to the soul. I realised how much the pupils are longing for silence since they are living in a very loud world!


B. I. – teacher at a secondary modern school


... I was particularly interested in the subject of the energy of thoughts and how it is proved by the scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto. It’s still unimaginable to me what kind of effects words might have. Very often words are simply expressed without considering the actual concern and the effects. It’s astonishing what can be done with words.

... The training extended my consciousness and awakened my interest in FiBS-Pedagogy.

... „The highest good is harmony of the soul!” (L.A. Seneca)


E. – teacher of a primary school for 25 years


... By accident – I know that Mrs. Mühlberger doesn’t believe in coincidences in life – therefore it must have been destiny that I found this ÖJRK message in the teachers‘ room about a FiBS introduction day. Immediately I felt that it was the right thing for me.

... FiBS-Pedagogy can easily be implemented at school because in my opinion most of the childrens’ difficulties are existing because there is no teaching of true values, or because they are teached not correctly about those values.

... To find the root of the children’s anxieties might be the most difficult task but it is also the most important thing.


K. M. – teacher of a primary school


... I’ve often been at my wit’s end before I attended the seminar. I could put some of the FiBS-Pedagogy contents into practice immediately. In many regards they opened my eyes and encouraged me to try, to experiment and to never give up hope. Some things just need time and loving attention to evolve. Through a meditative journey into the „little light room” the children became aware of their inner source of strength and of how they can attain more vitality, self-confidence, concentration, creativity and peace.

... Despite all my good resolutions, negative thoughts and phantoms made me stumble again and again. But it’s very consoling to know now that every day, even every second, can be a new beginning if I’m willing and able to allow it.

... Due to the seminary I did appreciate healthy and natural food as „light food” (vegetables, fruits, nuts) once more and I could learn about the meaning of water-drinking.


H. – teacher of a primary school


... I only can say that every seminar module was beneficial for me.

... The effects of morning meditation and exercises of silence were astonishing.

... Due to the learning type test I could match the children to their particular seat which leaded to more calmness and harmony at school and which caused a better learning outcome.

... The sentence „Anxiety is also a part of life, it protects, empowers and it enables to cope with life” gave me personally a great inner uplift.

... The claim „There are no mistakes! Every mistake is a learing step” was like balm to my soul.


H. – teacher of a primary school


... One of my most important insights that I implement daily before school is the following prayer by Darshan Singh:

Start the day with love

fill the day with love

end the day with love

this is the way to God

because God is love.


... Drinking water at school makes present energies flow and makes us think clearly.

... Exercises of meditation are reducing stress, they let the class atmosphere become more harmonious and peaceful and better the learning capabilities.

... We as teachers need to be role models by living our life ethically.

... Personally I benefited mostly from the meditation and I gained a new approach to life.


I. – teacher of a primary school


... I’d like to express my gratitude to Mrs. Mühlberger for this seminar of FiBS-Pedagogy. It is amazingly inspiring and encouraging and it’s oriented towards our practical needs. One becomes aware again of the own mental and spiritual strengths, and the lasting success proofs that this way of interpersonal dealings is supposed to be the right one.

... Happy, content, regardful and loving children are gleaming in all directions and are the purpose of our work.

... For me the training is a true help and a precious support to work together with the kids on implementing the contents.

... To replace the television, the computer and the cell phones that are of such great concern for the children, we need much more educational work and alternative offers for leisure activities.


  1. head of a kindergarten


... Everybody has personal strengths and capabilities and they are not made of failings and shortcomings that need to be repaired. We won’t „detect defects” but go on a „treasure hunt” and we will try to support and encourage the children’s strength and interest.

... I already could apply the FiBS-facial expression card-set and the feelings-cards and it was very helpful.

... We ourselves are responsible for our happiness by making the right decisions.


  1. – educator


... First of all I’d like to give thanks for the FiBS-training because it is a great personal gain for me and my life. Many a time I experienced aha moments and moments of great insights.

... The FiBS-Pedagogy with all its modules did help me in my search for „love”. Only during the seminars I became aware of this. The dialogues with God or with the divine took place very often in my childhood and I’m glad that they are happening again now.

... Meditation helps me coping with my anxieties.

... „To raise a child might be the most difficult task that human beings can be confronted with. It requires precise knowledge, one’s own emotional balance, patience, subtlety, true devotion and love for all creation, and being an inspiring example in all these respects.”


Review of a mother whose son participated in the FiBS learning camp:

"My son Bernhard O. did participate in the FiBS camp the second time now and already after the first camp he could implement the new experiences very benefiting in his everyday life. In stressful situations he meditated or did yoga exercises. Now he is much more relaxed and also knows about his learning type, which was helpful for me as well because now it’s easier for me to accept his physical activies which I misunderstood as turmoil before.

Bernhard felt very comfortable because the educators and the children treated him with such great respect and appreciation. Therefor I thank everybody who made this possible."


Feedback from parents whose children participated in the FiBS learning camp:

The parents note that after participating in the camp their children could concentrate much better and partially they experienced more learning success, they were less frightened and aggressive, the interpersonal dealings improved and became more respectful and the children had a more healthy diet.


Reviews of parents who participated in the FiBS-Workshop for Parents

„Thank you so much that we – me and my husband – could participate in the FiBS-Workshop for Parents. Since our three children (18, 16, 12 years old) have gone through their age of puberty, we as parents have been stretched to our limits again and again, and therefore we’ve been looking for a way to create our family life more peacefully and harmonious.

Due to the FiBS-Seminar we soon became aware of beeing role modes for our children and therefore we tried to integrate the true spiritual values into our family life. We were able to deal with each other more and more peacefully, patiently and regardfully. Besides we began to respect one another with all our small and great mistakes which resulted in a more peaceful and loving life. Having a truthful heart-to-heart-conversation we could understand our children much better. We started with exercises of silence and meditation whereby we could experience peace and God’s love inside of us. By trusting God and loving oneself everybody can go placidly one’s own way in self-responsibility. Thank you for this insight.”

Monika S.


„We are parents of two children of 7 and 11 years of age and we’ve been very delighted with the highly practical values of the seminar facilitator Sieglinde Mühlberger. To become aware that children and youths are our highest ‚good’ because they will create the future according to what they‘ve learned from us, has been the central message of the seminar for us. This claim goes along with the appreciation of children as complete souls, irrespective of how small and dependent they are.

‚Self-love’ was one of the most important insights for us. If I’m not loving myself the way I am, I won’t ever be able to love and accept my neighbor next to me the way he is.

Children should not be regarded as a burden for the parents. They are longing for love, comfort and acceptance and they don’t want these needs to get fulfulled by materialistic wishes.

We wish good luck to FiBS for the future so that more peace will be on earth and in the children’s hearts.”

Joachim and Barbara B.