Spiritual Curriculum


FiBS-Foundation did develope an unique pedagogical concept that meets the challenges children are confronted with in this day and age. The spiritual curriculum is prepared for pupils at basic and main schools and it includes one teaching unit of „spiritual pedagogy” per day.


Therefore a specially elaborated curriculum has been developed by a team of pedagogues that can be integrated in the main lesson plan. The curriculum is based on ethical-spiritual values and has been elaborated under the direction of Sieglinde Mühlberger because of her longstanding practical experiences with children and youths.

Csilla Határvölgyi (a teacher from Hungary) created 800 wonderful graphics for this purpose. The school books and teacher’s manuals from class 1 to 8 are available for every form and they are already translated in English and Hungarian.


Integrating the spiritual FiBS-Pedagogy into the current lesson plan will prepare the children and youths for the increasing interest of spirituality. In this way they will become loving cosmopolitans who identify with the whole universe and who realise their relationship with all living beings, whether humans, animals or plants, and the purpose in life. Thus they can spread love and peace in the world and they can feel loved, understood and useful which is of great concern to the soul.


FiBS-Pedagogy is counselling for teachers and pupils.

It helps to ‚transform’, to change and to refine the own inner consciousness and thus to view ourself and the world around us in the right light.  


I believe that we contain a spark of this eternal light within ourselves,

that is to shine at the very bottom of being and

which our weak senses can only know scarcely from afar.

To let this spark become a flame

and to realize the divine

is the highest duty.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Exercises of silence and meditation are an important part of FiBS-Pedagogy. They help the children to concentrate much better, to become more relaxed and they come out of the meditation strengthened and powerful. Children need time to go into silence and to meditate, to discover their inner spiritual wealth which is embedded in every human being. In this way a consciousness emerges that makes them understand that all humans are created by the same divine light.

5 to 10 minutes of meditation daily at the beginning of the lesson creates a peaceful and concentrated atmosphere for teachers and pupils that is perceptible immediately.



The spiritual FiBS-Curriculum includes the following subjects:


 The relevance of FiBS-Pedagogy

 Development of ethical-spiritual values

 Calm, relaxation and meditation

 Non-violence, peace-education

 Sincerity and truthfulness

 Humility, contentment and gratefulness

 Might and the power of thoughts

 Strategies for conflict resolution, non-violent communication

 Respect and awareness for humans, animals and the nature

 Developing love for the whole creation

 Serving selflessly for others

 Health-conscious and holistic diet

 Setting goals for learning and living

 Appreciating similar values of all cultures

 The life of saints, mystics and prophets

 Comparative religious studies

 Art and spirituality in painting, sculpture and poetry

 Music and spirituality

 Project work and self-study

 Cultural program


Of cause, the capacity of teamwork, community spirit and the development of the ability to decide and to distinguish are also part of the curriculum.