International FiBS-Projects


FiBS-Foundation has set itself to the task of spiritual pedagogy for children and youths at school. The implementation happens within the framework of one teaching unit per day, accomplished by pedagogically trained FiBS-Learning-Advisors on the basis of a spiritual FiBS-Curriculum.

FiBS is oriented towards the needs of each individual child – according to the particular stage of development – and it supports at best the individual abilities through multi-sensory learning.

FiBS supports the holistic development of children – intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, artistically, ethically and spiritually.

Social competence is imparted by integrating children who need special assistance and by supporting children with special abilities.



The 15 years old basic and elementary art school of the foundation „Kincskeresö” in Tatabánya, Hungary has been an innovative full-time school. 200 pupils studied here from class 1 to 8. From 2006 to 2010 the FiBS-Pedagogy has been taught daily in the morning under the direction of the headmistress Maklari-Kis Tünde.

It could be achieved great successes through meditation in the small group classes that include 9 to 15 kids – both for learning and for children with behaviour disorders.

Unfortunately the private school had to close for financial reasons 2010.


FiBS-Pedagogy includes:

  1. Personal ethical and spiritual development

Non-violence, honesty, control of thoughts, gratitude, love for all creation, selfless service, healthy diet, personal ambition, motivation.

  1. Treating others respectfully

Mindfulness, conflict resolution, might and the power of thoughts, careful dialog, recognition of other cultures.


  1. Spiritual life

Spiritual lifestyle, the life of saints and mystics, acceptance of all world religions.


  1. Spirituality in art

Painting, sculpture, music, dance and poetry.


  1. Project work

Self-study, selfless service, cultural program.


Teamwork, heart-to-heart-communication, distinctiveness, personal responsibility, emotional competence, social behavior with head, heart and hand, and learning methods that consider the different learning types are part of this teaching subject as well. Exercises of concentration and a lot of sport activities top off the holistic school concept.


Not forgetting the most important part:

Exercises of relaxation, imagery journeys and meditation at the beginning of the classes.



FiBS gave the children a high educational standard to take along and could thereby lay the foundation of a their after-life. It enables them to grow into self-confident and loving personalities.

FiBS-Pedagogy did train and qualify teachers. A regular conferencing happened between representatives of FiBS and the school.

FiBS school books and the FiBS teacher’s manuals provided the basis for the FiBS-classes at school.


Headmistress Maklari-Kis Tünde tells:

„FiBS-Pedagogy evoked a marked enhancement of the pupil’s social behaviour, reduction of stress and anxieties, better concentrativeness and learning results, the interpersonal dealings became more lovingly, more harmonious in the class community and the contact between teachers, pupils and parents became more respectful as well.“



FiBS-Learning-Camp in Austria



Between 2004 and 2011 FiBS-Foundation organized ten vacation camps for a period of one week per camp for kids and youths between the age of 6 - 16.


 FiBS-Slogan: „Learning for life with enthusiasm and joy.



Learning Workshop

The following contents have been imparted to the children and youths at the Learning-Workshops, each morning, by pedagogically trained FiBS-Learning-Advisors:


  • Awareness-raising and personal development, ethical-spiritual values
  • Conflict resolutions, heart-to-heart-communication, enhancement of social behavior, learning about the power and strength of thoughts
  • Strengthening of self-esteem and self-confidence, promotion of team spirit and community spirit through groupwork and games
  • Independent learning and acting, time management
  • Promotion of team-building and community spirit through group work and games
  • Attention training, concentration exercises, harmonisation of the hemispheres


Identifying the learning type – thus, every pupil could figure out their true strengths and get to know about the best personal learning method and learning technique according to their specific learning type, which enabled them to learn more easily and efficient in the future.



Creative Workshops

Here, the children could, under guidance, discover and develop their creative talents, like


  • building and playing musical instruments
  • creative handicrafts with natural materials
  • discovering the miracles of nature
  • Workshop for painting and drawing
  • Spontaneous and meditative working with clay and soapstone
  • Shaping, creating and coloring an own plaster mask
  • Color workshop
  • Wood atelier
  • Pyrography
  • Sewing workshop
  • Sketch and theatre workshop
  • Archery
  • Cookery course and creation of table decoration
  • Yoga for kids


Leisure activities 

A lot of sport activities like football, beach-volleyball, tennis, table tennis, apparatus work, gymnastics, jogging, waterslide and slackline for a better balance and concentration. 

Not forgetting the popular exercises of silence, yoga exercises, imagery journeys and meditation, where the children can connect with their inner source of strength.  


Evenings a day review, music program, hike with torches, puzzle rally, the popular FiBS-olympics and a great talent show as graduation party for parents, siblings, relatives and friends.


Even difficult children felt well understood and accepted through the loving care, and discovered new perspectives on how to deal with their problems.