FiBS – Accreditation in Hungary

by the Ministry of Education in Budapest


A FiBS Alapítvány

Innovatív személyiségfejlesztő és problémamegoldó
módszerek pedagógusok és humán szakemberek számára

Akkredtition Nr.: 23/164/2015; 60 Kreditpon



A method to support successful pupils

and responsible-minded teachers


  • Innovative personal development and methods of problem solving.
  • Identifying and realising burnout syndrome by a new proved method.
  • Collecting experiences of burnout resolution methods, preventions and interventions.
  • By innovative concepts and role playing games we offer conflict resolutions that are caused by communication barriers.
  • Creating a holistic approach by means of an effective and successful meditation method, for psychological health.
  • Reduction of stress and aggression, support of physical and spiritual wellbeing, resolving internal tentions, developing the ability to concentrate.



Course location:

1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 134



Herczeg Carmen Lucia

Mobil: 06 70 9403239