FiBS-Foundation Austria



Foundation: 11. August 1998  - 
ZNR Nr.: 373784708
Chairlady/ 1. Chairperson: Sieglinde Mühlberger
2. chairperson:

bis 2000 Elisabeth Garstenauer
ab  2001 Ing. Wilhelm Fingerhut

3. chairperson: Monika Stamminger, Reinsberg
Teller: Alfred Stamminger, Reinsberg
Deputy teller: Claudia Knöferle, Aying
1. auditor: Elfriede Watschinger, Linz
2. auditor: Mag. Peter Grafinger, Haid
Secretary: Dipl. Ing. Carmen-Lucia Herczeg, Wien
Deputy secretary: Birgit Wallner, München
Headquarters of the association:

FiBS-Förderverein e.V.

Salzburgerstr. 34, 5600 Schwarzach/Pongau

Telefon: +43-6415-7682

Sieglinde Mühlberger –
Mobil: +43-664-34 60 929





FiBS-Foundation for innovative awareness-raising and spirituality is a charitable association that is not geared towards profit-making.


Sieglinde Mühlberger – born in 1940 – is the founder of FiBS-Foundation for spiritual pedagogy. She has a long-term experience of over 20 years of pedagogical work with children, youths, teachers, educators and parents by the following activities:


  • As a result of one lesson unit of concentration exercises, exercises of silence and meditation at 8 primary and secondary schools in Salzburg, at intervals of 14 days, many of the pupils could concentrate much better, they demonstrably could be much more efficient at school and in their hobbies and they experienced less stress and anxieties.
  • Advanced trainings for teachers to become a certified FiBS-Learning-Couch in Austria, Germany, Swiss and Hungary took place for a total of 446 participants – primary and secondary school teachers, teachers of agriculture and of religion, pedagogues, educators.
  • Parents workshops took place for 245 parents.
  • Sieglinde Mühlberger held around 350 lectures on FiBS-topics, in Europe.
  • She organized motivational days at schools, institutions and for the government of Lower Austria
  • Organisation of ten FiBS-Learning-Camps with a duration of one week for 537 children and youths between the age of 6 to 16 from Austria and Germany, during the years 2004 to 2011 at an agriculture school which is also a boarding school




Austria – Germany – Swiss – Hungary – Romania





Children are messengers,

sent by God day by day,

to fill the peoples‘ hearts

with love, hope and peace.

Franz von Assisi