Our vision


FiBS is convinced that every child is an unique individual with a multitude of talents and learning needs. Children need to learn how to set goals for themselves and to help others selflessly. Children should learn to become messengers for a peaceful world, in times of great changes and transformation processes.

 A new holistic way of thinking is necessary for teachers, pedagogues, educators and the governments. Fresh impetus should be provided and realized to be able to face the challenges of life.

The increasing intercultural global integration and the technically highly developed world requires effective and social competencies to act in conjunction with emotional competence and a high ethical standard.

 Teachers and pedagogues should again develope more love, appreciation and enthusiasm for their teaching profession and for their chosen school subject and inspire the children.

 We envision a world in which every individual is respected and appreciated and in which all human beings are able to live a life in dignity and self-respect. A world in which we would live together trustfully, truthfully and with respect towards all living beings, a peaceful community life with a heart-to-heart-communication.

If children would be taught intellectual, physical and spiritual qualities, this world would become a place of peace, love and unity, and the „divine spark“ would be inflamed.


Let’s imagine a world in which everybody

would feel save, loved and accepted.

How beautiful it would be

to be connected by love

with all diverse cultures on our planet.






Start the day with love,

fill the day with love,

end the day with love,

this is the way to God,

because God is love.

Darshan Singh